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 Study Abroad in China

Study at the TOP1 University in China---Tsinghua University
The Program

Chinese Language and Culture Program (A) Fee: USD 950/2 weeks

Scheduled Time:

July 13th – July 26th, 2009 (2 wk), June 29th – July 12th, 2009 (2 wk)

Requirement:All the applicants should be over 14 years old (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao students), and will be assigned to the appropriate class according to their Chinese proficiency level.

The Location

Beijing, capital of China, the second largest city in China after Shanghai, is the cultural, political, and intellectual center of the country, as well as a major industrial and commercial metropolis. Initially settled more than 2000 years ago, it has been the capital of China for most of the last 700 years. The climate is seasonal, with hot summers and cold winters. Temperatures can climb higher than 38 degree in July and drop lower than -15 degree in January.

Beijing, is not only the political and administrative center of China, but it is also China's greatest repository of monuments and treasures from the imperial era. The home of over 9.5 million people, the city extends over 6,500 square miles and 10 districts. With a history of 3,000 years, Beijing is extremely rich in historical sites and cultural relics.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University was established in 1911. Since China opened up to the world in 1978, Tsinghua University has developed at a breathtaking pace into a comprehensive research university. At present, the university has 13 schools and 55 departments with faculties in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art. The University has now over 25,900 students, including 13,100 undergraduates and 12,800 graduate students. As one of China’s most renowned universities, Tsinghua has become an important institution for fostering talent and scientific research.


a. Language course: Chinese language listening, speaking, reading and writing. b. Cultural course: Taichi, Martial arts, calligraphy, seal cutting, Chinese Traditional Opera.

Academic Credit

3 University credits will be awarded to students with a program certificate after successfully finishing the program.


1. Visits to historical places including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace,
2. Experience Chinese Culture: Beijing Opera, Kong Fu Show, Chinese acrobatics
3. Off-campus tour including local enterprises

More program information (meet the requirement for customization)

Tsinghua University also offers 6 weeks primary and advanced Chinese course for students. Besides these, Tsinghua University also offer some lectures in which the students are interested, such as Chinese painting & calligraphy, Chinese Social Cultural and history and Chinese folk music and so on. Students of Illinois stay in Beijing much longer than other programs. The students will not only travel around in Beijing but also can visit China’s most modern city—Shanghai.

Other typical interested courses and lectures

Issues on the Reform of China’s Political System
China’s Government Framework and Function
Chinese Constitutions and Chinese Law
Basic Laws for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The Latest Economic Development of Contemporary China

The Latest Development of State-Owned Enterprise Reform
The Development of Non-state-owned Economy in China
General Situation of Regional Economy of China
The Strategy of Western Development in China

Infrastructure and Investment Environment in China
Status and Development of China’s Financial and Tax System
Reform of China’s Financial System
The China’s Policies to Attract Foreign Investment
International Trade and Future Policies of China after Entering the WTO
How to Survive in China for Foreign Companies and Business People

Issues of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Peasants in China
Transformation in the Social Structure and Conflicts in Interests
Development and Prospect of Social Securities and Employment in China
China’s Contemporary Education
China’s Contemporary Diplomacy
Relationship across the Taiwan Straits

Marketing Strategy in China
Current Status and Development of China’s Retail Industry
Logistic System in China
Current Status and Development of China’s Service Industry
Current Status and Regulations in China’s Real Estate Industry
Development and Prospect of China’s Telecommunication Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s IT Industry
China’s Hi-tech Development and Policies
Current Status and Development of China’s Semiconductor Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s Electronics Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s Manufacturing Industry
Current Status and Development of China Petrochemical Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s Energy Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s Automobile Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s Transportation Industry
Current Status and Development of China’s Pharmaceutical Industry
Current Status of China’s Medical System
Current Status and Development of China’s Media and Publishing Industry
Courses on Chinese Culture (Chinese Architecture, Calligraphy, Music)


Students will be placed in the foreign student’s dormitory there are shared kitchens and laundries and single bed or double bed rooms. Each room has a bath room, a desk, a TV set, and internet connects.

Fees include

2 week program fee Includes: tuition, registration, visa documents, housing confirmation in student residence, orientation information, transcript (certificate), student support services, campus facilities, all excursions. Rooms, meals and transportations.


Program open to all students and adults 18 years of age and older. Passport and Visa required for entry into China. Early registration is advised, so you have time to obtain a Visa.

Visa Assistance

Zierer Visa Service
Use express mail when using these visa services.

Embassy of China

Registration and Information

Register online. $50 deposit required. Payments can be made by money order, cashiers check, or personal check. We will e-mail you a "Confirmation Notice" with additional information shortly after receiving your online registration form.
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