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Markham International Education Center (MIEC) is an Education Service Corporation specialized in international education. We have been recruiting high quality students from China to universities in America, UK, Canada and some other European countries. We are the top one education service organization in China specialized in studying in USA, most outstanding in high successful visa rate.

Established in 2000 under the corporation policy of Toronto Ontario, Markham International Education Center Corp. (MIEC) has been recognized by the Education Section of Chinese Consulate Toronto.

Having been actively involved in all various international education programs between China and USA, MIEC also participated in exchange programs between China and Europe.

As a member of NAFSA (USA, National Association for International Education) and EAIE (European Association for International Education), MIEC has been growing fast from one office in Toronto, to 5 branch offices in China located in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Shenyang with overall staffs of 150. We also have 2 coordinating offices in Nanjing and Chengdu. For the past 7 years, more than two thousand students have successfully realized their dream of studying in USA though MIEC. In the meantime, MIEC partner universities in USA have developed from 10 to more than 80.

Working with more than 40 Chinese government licensed agencies covering most of the Chinese provinces and majors cities, with this solid background in China, MIEC also developed close relationship with more than 30 Chinese Universities. MIEC is standing on the biggest platform of international education and we wish we could be standing at the highest one.

An outline of our education projects

  • Counseling and placement of F-1, J-1 academic year full time students to US universities
  • Counseling and placement of High school student to US high schools
  • Counseling and placement of students to US community colleges
  • Exchange scholars and Exchange students with short term study abroad plans, winter/summer camp, study abroad in China
  • Counseling and placement of student internships, work in China for experience
  • Establishment and development of Joint Programs between US and China universities (1+2+1, 2+2, 3+1, 4+0, 1+1, 2+2+1) at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • International student services including housing, traveling, academic and living counseling.
  • MIEC publications, China international Education Information Year book, newsletters, student voices and E publications on China international education trend.
  • Study Abroad programs in China with short and long period options and all different destinations in China. All programs are university based with credits and attractive travel plans.
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