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Silk Road Exploration
Chinese (Mandarin) Language, History and Culture Studies $1695 - 3 weeks /PLUS – Optional travel in Beijing

The Program

The Silk Road   is the most well-known East to West trade route for cross-culture exchange started as early as the second century BC. The silk road along which passed not only merchandises but also ideas, manufacturing techniques and religions, was the symbol of the bond between East and West crossed 5,000 miles from the far East of China to the far West of Byzantium. (Please see map attached). Besides the exchange of the silk, there were many other types of merchandise, such as spices, cloth, paper, porcelain, chinaware, grape and wine, glass, incense, music instrument and many other products along the trade routes. It was also the route by which Buddhism and Nestorianism found new converts.

Purpose of the trip is to introduce the most impressive Silk Road to students, as well as Chinese Language, Chinese Culture and History. During the trip, students will experience Chinese Traditional Culture and History by visiting various sites on Silk Road, such as Dun Huang Grottoes, Xi’an Qin’s Terra Cotta Warrior and other historic sites.

The Location

Beijing, the capital city of China, is not only the political center of China, but it is also China's greatest repository of monuments and treasures from the imperial era. The home of over 9.5 million people, the city extends over 6,500 square miles and 10 districts. With a history of 3,000 years, Beijing is extremely rich in historical sites and cultural relics.

DunHuang is the name of the city. It was the gateway to the Silk Road between China and Central Asia since the second century BC. A huge collection of artistic carved Buddhist temples, sculptures and paintings was created over a period of one hundred years starting from the 4th century BC. Dun Huang Grottoes includes Mogao Grottoes, West Thousand Buddhas Cave, Yulin Cave and Shuixiakou. It is one of the most famous Grottoes art in China.

Xi’an, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are the greatest Chinese archeological excavation, which were built by the first emperor of the Qin dynasty (246-209BC). It is cited as the “Eighth Wonder of the World. More wonder sites: Big Goose Pagoda and Small Goose Pagoda of the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), the Great Mosque and the famous Famen Temple noted for its collection of Sakyamuni’s relics.

Lanzhou, one of the gateways on Silk Road holding lots of historical relics.

Courses and Academic Credit

Course 1: Intensive Chinese Studies
Intensive Chinese Studies, on Chinese speaking, reading and listening.
Prerequisite: none
Study hours: 18 hours
Credit: 1 credit
Lecturer: Professor from Beijing Language and Culture University

Course 2: Chinese Culture in Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty
This course will introduce Chinese Culture at Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty to students, which are the most prosperous periods in Chinese history.
Prerequisite: none
Study hours: 6 hours
Credit: 0.5 credit
Reference: (Concisely Chinese History)(English Edition)
Lecturer: professor from History Dept. of Shanxi Normal University and History Dept. of Northwest University

Course 3: The Silk Road and Eastern and Western Culture Exchange
Description: This course will tell student the origin, development and stories happened on the Silk Road. Student will understand the importance of the route for connecting trading and culture between China and Western countries.
Prerequisite: none
Study hours: 12 hours
Credit: 1 credit
Lecturer:  Professor Feng Jianwen Lanzhou University
  Professor Wang Xilong Lanzhou University
  Professor Qiao Jian Lanzhou University
  Professor Du Doucheng Lanzhou University
  Professor Xu Liming Lanzhou University

Course 4: Huang Di (The Yellow Emperor) and Chinese Culture
Description: This course will be focus on history of Huang Di (The Yellow Emperor) and make student understand the relationship between Chinese Culture and Huang Di.
Prerequisite: none
Study hours: 6 hours
Credit: 0.5 credit
Lecturer: Research experts from Huangdi Research Center


Students will have chances to experience the Olympic stadiums, Great Wall, Forbidden City in Beijing, Lama Temple and Grottoes in Lanzhou, Dunhuang Grottoes, Xi’an Terra Cotta Warriors.


On campus residence halls or guest hotel. Students stay in double rooms, with phone, air-conditioner and heater.

Dates and Fee

3 week program fee Includes: tuition, registration, visa documents, housing confirmation in student residence, orientation information, transcript (certificate), student support services, campus facilities, all excursions. Rooms, meals and transportations.


Program open to all students and adults 18 years of age and older. Passport and Visa required for entry into China. Early registration is advised, so you have time to obtain a Visa.

Visa Assistance

Zierer Visa Service
Use express mail when using these visa services.

Embassy of China

Registration and Information

Register online. $50 deposit required. Payments can be made by money order, cashiers check, or personal check. We will e-mail you a "Confirmation Notice" with additional information shortly after receiving your online registration form.
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